SMDV Speedbox-70 Speedlight Diffuser Box 快速摺疊式柔光罩

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SMDV Diffuser 70,是一個摺疊式中型柔光罩,展開後成為一個約 28″ x 27″ 的柔光罩,配合獨特的摺疊結構,能夠快速開合,讓拍攝更加流暢。



– High quality 70cm (28″) rigid hexagonal softbox diffuser.

– Patented quick release folding system for fast and convenient setup and enhanced portability.

– Perfect companion for SMDV triggers such as the FlashWave-III Perfect for use with various portable flash systems.

– Double diffusion panels.

– Removable internal baffle for the softbox helps reduce hotspots and softens the light even more.

– The new SB-03 tilting bracket folds for even more compact storage.

– High quality carrying bag with shoulder strap for a convenient storage and carry.

– Enhanced durability now with steel rods.

– The Limited Edition features Professional product support in the U.S.

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