#270Pro Phone Mount 手機專用轉接架



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通常會在 24 小時內準備就緒


【 產品資訊 Product Information 】
• 手機專用轉接架
• 附贈藍芽遙控器,使用手機連線拍照更方便

【 產品特點 Product Features 】
• 轉接手機方便自拍,使用手機也能體驗 #270Pro 的效果

【 產品內容包含 What’s Included 】
• 手機轉接座 x1
• 藍芽遙控器 x1

【 產品適用 Compatibility 】
• 寬度為 50mm – 80mm 手機皆可作使用


【Product Information】
• Mobile phone adapter
• Free with a Bluetooth remote control, it is more convenient to use a mobile phone to connect and take pictures

【Product Features】
• It’s easy to take selfies with your mobile phone, and you can also experience the effect of #270Pro

[Product content includes What’s Included]
• Mobile phone adapter x1
• Bluetooth remote control x1

【Product Compatibility】
• The width is 50mm-80mm mobile phones can be used

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