UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank PD 20W with Lightning Cable 可攜式充電器




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20W Power Delivery 3.0 & Quick Charge 3.0 Portable Charger with Built-in USB C Cable

USB C Port: Complying with 20W PD 3.0, QC 3.0/2.0, FC, AFC, the USB C power bank offers up to 2.5x faster charging for your fast charge supported devices. eg. iPhone 12 can be charged from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes.

USB A Port: Compatible with QC 3.0/2.0, FCP, AFC, the external battery pack charges your devices up to 4X faster.

Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously

When charging 2 devices simultaneously, the total output of this power bank is 15W, which won`t sacrifice any charging speed.

Mini but Powerful PD Power Bank

UGREEN portable phone charger with slim size but 10000mAh large capacity can charge an iPhone 12 up to 2.5 times or a Samsung Galaxy S21 up to 2.5 times, remaining your phones at 100% all day.


20W Power Delivery 3.0 和 Quick Charge 3.0 便攜式充電器,內置 USB-C 線

USB-C 端口:符合 20W PD 3.0、QC 3.0/2.0、FC、AFC,USB-C 移動電源,可為支持快速充電的裝置,提供高達 2.5 倍的充電速度,例如 iPhone 12 可在30分鐘內從 0% 充電至 60%。

USB-A 端口:與 QC 3.0/2.0、FCP、AFC 兼容,外部電池組為您的裝置充電速度提高了4倍。




UGREEN 便攜手機充電器,纖薄尺寸,10000mAh 大容量,可為 iPhone 12 充電 2.5 次或三星 Galaxy S21 充電 2.5 次,讓您的手機全天保持 100%。


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