UGREEN GaN 140W USB Fast Wall Charger with Cable (3-Ports) 插牆式USB充電器

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  • MacBook Pro 16'' 的超快速充電:Nexode 140W 的尖端 PD 3.1 協議可實現其他 USB C 充電器無法實現的最大充電水平。在 30 分鐘內將 16 英寸 MacBook Pro 從 0% 充電至 56%,比 65W USB C 筆記本電腦充電器快 1.8 倍。
  • 三合一快速多端口充電:Ugreen Nexode 140W USB-C 充電器有 2 個 USB-C 端口和一個 USB-A 端口。使用這款 Macbook 電源適配器,可同時為兩台筆記本電腦和一部手機全速充電,滿足兩人辦公的需求。非常周到地配備 240W D 快速充電 6FT USB C 到 USB C 電纜。
  • 值得信賴的安全性:Ugreen 電源分配器系統智能地調整功率輸出,以保護您產品的電池,因此它會持續更長時間。為了防止您的多端口充電器過熱,Thermal Guard 系統每秒讀取 800 個溫度讀數,以提高安全性。
  • 比您想像的更小:Nexode 革命性的 GaN 芯片和可折疊插頭使 Nexode 140W Macbook 充電器可以放在您的手掌中,而不會犧牲質量或功率。這使得 Nexode140W Macbook Pro 電源適配器,比帶有 2 個額外端口的原始 140W USB C 壁式充電器小 22%。
  • 廣泛的兼容性:Ugreen Nexode 140W GaN 充電器可為幾乎所有 USB-A 和 USB-C 手機、平板電腦、筆記本電腦等提供快速充電,包括 MacBook Pro、MacBook Air 和 15 英寸/13 英寸戴爾 XPS, HP Spectre、iPad Pro/Air、Surface Pro、iPhone 系列、Galaxy 系列、AirPods、Switch。
  • Hyper Fast Charging For MacBook Pro 16'': The Nexode 140W's cutting-edge PD 3.1 protocol allows max charging levels that are impossible with other USB C Charger. Charge your MacBook Pro 16'' from 0 to 56% in 30 mins, 1.8X faster than a 65W USB C laptop charger.
  • 3-in-1 Fast Multiport Charging: The Ugreen Nexode 140W USB-C charger has 2 USB-C ports and a USB-A port. Charge two laptops and a phone simultaneously at full speed to meet the needs of a two-person office, with this Macbook power adapter. Thoughtfully Equipped a 240W D fast charging 6FT USB C to USB C Cable.
  • Safety You Can Trust: The Ugreen Power Dispenser system intelligently adjusts the power output to protect your product's battery, so it will last longer. To protect your multiport charger from overheating, the Thermal Guard system takes 800 temperature readings every second for extra security.
  • Smaller Than You’d Think: Nexode's revolutionary GaN chip and foldable plug allow the Nexode 140W Macbook charger to fit in your palm without sacrificing quality or power. This enables the Nexode140W Macbook Pro Power adapter to be 22% smaller than the original 140W USB C wall charger with 2 additional ports.
  • Wide Compatibility: The Ugreen Nexode 140W GaN charger provides fast charging to virtually all USB-A and USB-C phones, tablets, laptops, and more, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and 15-inch/13-inch Dell XPS, HP Spectre, iPad Pro/Air, Surface Pro, iPhone Series, Galaxy Series, AirPods, Switch.

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