FeiyuTech Follow Focus (適用於Scorp/Scorp Pro)





Feiyu Scorp Focus Motor

Lightweight Design, Easy to Install.

Weight of the Focus Motor 108g, the compact and lightweight design, easier installation.


One Key Switch For Multiple Function, Easy to use.
Switch for multiple function with M button, easy to use.

Click: Auto Calibration
The focus ring will automatically turn to the lens limit position, then automatically reverses to the opposite end.

Double-click:Manual calibration
Roll the multifunction knob to control the focus motor to the perifocus.
Then roll to apofocus, click the M button to turn off.

Triple-click: Scroll wheel control with the focus motor reverse rotation.
Long press: Indicators on/off.

Different Indicators Show State Definitely.
The focus motor is equipped with 3 indicators.
Make different working states clearly.

Designed For Scorp Series To Gain Better Experience.

This Focus Motor is the exclusive accessory of Scorp series gimbal. Make creators a better experience of focus zoom to shoot.


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