Anova Precision 16L Container




Anova Precision™ 16L Container

Make magic with circulation.

When it comes to cooking sous vide, maintaining an exact temperature is where the magic really happens for your food. Efficient and even water circulation is key, as it both distributes and ensures one constant temperature across the entirety of your cooking vessel. Abracadabra – a perfectly cooked meal, in the David Copperfield of containers.

HemiFlow Diagram

Heat it with HemiFlow™.

The Anova Precision™ Cooker Container was designed with our patented HemiFlow™ design, utilizing smooth, curved edges to help water circulate more efficiently and heat your water faster than any of the squared-off container competition to get you cooking quicker.

Add a lid

Put a lid on it.

The Anova Precision™ 12L Container lid is constructed of 100% silicone, providing the same tight fit and optimal evaporation prevention.

Food in Anova Precision Container

No more food-float.

The Anova Precision™ 12L Container cooking rack comes complete with convenient handles for even easier access to your food while cooking.

Toss your trivets

Toss your trivets.

With its unique 3mm raised base you can rest assured that your countertops are safe during those long cooks.


Tech Specs

  • Includes

    Anova Precision™ Cooker Container

    Removable lid and rack

  • Works With

    All Anova Precision® Cooker models

  • Heat Range

    -20°—99° C (-4°—210° F)

  • Size

    470 x 284 x 222 mm

    (18.50 x 11.18 x 8.74″)

    16 L capacity (16.9 quarts)

  • Material

    Polycarbonate plastic

    Rubber lid seal

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