BOYA BM3032 專業級相機機頂咪

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BOYA BY-BM3032是一款超心形定向相機麥克風,提供定向音頻捕捉,可調增益(-10dB,0,+ 20dB),高通濾波器(0Hz,75Hz,150Hz)和廣泛的設備兼容性,適用於視頻製作,視頻博客, YouTubers和錄音師。

使用3.5mm TRS插孔,麥克風可用於捕獲便攜式攝像機,數碼單反相機和便攜式錄像機的音頻。它可以使用兩節AA電池運行約30小時。

  • 適用於DSLR,便攜式攝像機,錄音機
  • 出色的離軸信號抑制
  • 超心形指向性
  • 低噪音和失真
  • 20 Hz至20 kHz頻率響應
  • 具有右通道的安全通道功能
  • 自動電源功能
  • 三級高通濾波器(0Hz,75Hz,150Hz)
  • 三位置電平控制(-10dB,0,+ 20dB)
  • 3.5毫米(1/8英寸)迷你插孔輸出
  • 包括皮草防風帽
  • 2 * 1.5V電池供電

  • The BOYA BY-BM3032 is a supercardioid on-camera shotgun microphone offering directional audio capture, adjustable gain (-10dB, 0, +20dB),
    High Pass Filter (0Hz, 75Hz, 150Hz) and broad device compatibility for video production, vlogging, YouTubers, and sound recordists.

    It also features the safety channel option on right channel which helps you select wanted sound level when you are not sure how loud the audio be captured or some unexpected screeched might be.

    And a selectable 5dB boost button for high frequency can allow to used in some situation, such as using microphone outside with fur windscreen.

    With 3.5mm TRS jack, the microphone can be used to capture audio for camcorders, DSLR, and portable recorders, It can run for approximately 30 hours on two AA batteries.

    For DSLR, Camcorder, Audio recorder
    Excellent Off-Axis Signal Rejection
    Super-cardioid Polar Pattern
    Low Noise and Distortion
    20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
    Features the Safety Channel function for Right Channel
    Automatic Power Function
    Three-step High Pass Filter (0Hz, 75Hz, 150Hz)
    Three position level control (-10dB, 0, +20dB)
    3.5mm (1/8") Mini-Jack Output
    Includes fur Windjammer
    2*1.5V Battery Powered


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