B+W Master 806 ND Pro 1.8 +6' Filter MRC Nano (ND Filter 減光鏡)[減6級曝光]


口徑 Diameter: 77mm

可在 九龍灣客戶服務中心 Kowloon Bay CS Centre提供自取服務

通常會在 24 小時內準備就緒


為了追求極致的影像,相機鏡頭的選擇及保護對於攝影用家來說是非常重要。因此,使用B+W Master濾鏡來保護您的鏡頭鏡片免受風沙和灰塵、指紋和濺水等因素的影響是用家的不二之選。

B+W Master 806 ND Pro 1.8 +6' Filter MRC Nano 減光濾鏡 (ND Filter 減光鏡)[減6級曝光]

B+W Master 806 ND Pro 減光濾鏡可有效地把入射鏡頭光線減少6級曝光,特別適合需要於拍攝視頻時因現場環境太光而未能調整特定的光圈或景深;或於強光下採用慢速快門拍攝動態模糊的影像。


ND 減光濾鏡不得用於直接目視太陽觀測(致盲風險)。用戶可於天文學供應商購買用於直接觀察太陽的特殊器材。

  • B+W ND 計算器

B+W 免費提供ND計算器APP供用下載,用戶可以透過應用程序獲得曝光時間的快速結果,非常適合使用定時器進行長時間曝光的風景攝影。


  • 黃銅鏡框,耐用堅固

B+W Master濾鏡框採用黃銅支架耐用堅固優化框邊令用戶易於安裝

  • 德國專業光學鏡片


  • MRC Nano多層納米塗層鍍膜

B+W T-Pro系列濾鏡採用 MRC Nano (Multi Resistant Coating with Nano effect)多層納米塗層鍍膜,濾鏡底面兩面均有7+1共16塗層,這塗層組合包含多層抗反射成分,以大幅度減少光線的反射。最後一層具有防塵、防油污和防水性能的用作,使濾鏡表面更易於清潔和維護,為鏡頭鏡片提供了全方位的保護。


另外因為塗層鍍膜會改變光學表面的反射特性,所以一般的濾鏡會令玻璃表面反射約 4% 的入射光線。但採用B+W MRC Nano多層納米塗層鍍膜的濾鏡,只會令玻璃表面反射約 0.5% 的入射光線,從而獲得99.5%的極高透光度,實現更亮麗的顏色及更高對比度的影像。


B+W 新型ND減光濾鏡(Neutral Density Filter)採用經過精細研磨和拋光的優質特種玻璃,這不但保證了光學的質量,亦不會對相應的高質量鏡頭產生任何不利影響。

另外借助B+W出色的薄膜技術,每側濾鏡含有 7 層塗層,這塗層組合包含多層抗反射成分,以大幅度減少光線的反射。最後一層具有防塵和防水性能的用作,使濾鏡表面更易於清潔和維護,為鏡頭鏡片提供了全方位的保護。


  • 香港原廠行貨,信心保證

Microworks為B+W香港及澳門總代理,所有經本公司售賣的B+W Filter均為Schneider-Kreuznach原裝正貨,並提供有限保用及技術支援。所以B+W產品也包含高度加密的編碼,用家可以透過B+W官網查驗,輕鬆地確認B+W濾鏡是否為原裝產品。



B+W Master 806 ND Pro 1.8 +6' Filter MRC Nano (ND Filter 減光鏡)[減6級曝光]

  • 有效地把入射鏡頭光線減少6級曝光
  • 優化框邊、易於安裝
  • MRC 納米塗層,防刮防污
  • 黃銅支架,耐用堅固
  • 適用於所有帶前螺紋的鏡頭
  • 超廣角及長焦鏡頭的最佳選擇
  • 德國製造
  • Microworks香港行貨,一年有限保用


B+W Master 806 ND Pro 1.8 +6' Filter MRC Nano

The excellent finely ground and polished special glass is used as the basis for the new ND filter glasses. This guarantees the necessary optical quality and also does not have any adverse effect on a correspondingly high-quality lens.

With the thin-film technology developed here, not only the pure ND filter effect comes into play, but a coating combination optimizes the ND filter. In addition to the filter effect, the coating combination contains a multi-layer anti-reflective component with 7 layers per filter side to prevent annoying reflections. An outer layer with the usual dirt- and water-repellent properties is applied as the final layer. This not only provides all-around protection for the filter, but also makes it easy to clean and maintain the filter pane. The light attenuation itself is very uniform over the entire visible range and produces optimally color-neutral image results.


  • Reducing the amount of light entering the camera
  • Suitable for both analog and digital cameras
  • Selective sharpness by achieving larger apertures – ideal for portraiture
  • Long exposures producing a cotton candy effect on moving water and deserted streets void of people and cars
  • Wipe effects, continuous light trails
  • Made in Germany

B+W Master 806 ND Pro 1.8 +6' Filter reduces light entering the camera by six f-stops, already qualifies as an extreme filter. With this filter, and without changing the aperture (and DOF), an exposure time of 1/60 s becomes a full second. Running water is rendered hazy and soft. A tripod is necessary in any case.

Coating: MRC nano

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