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Devialet Care - Phantom II 為您的 Phantom II 揚聲器提供延長保修服務。

所有 Devialet 產品均提供兩年保修期。 通過 Devialet Care,保修期可額外延長三年。(僅涵蓋工藝、材料或設計缺陷時的維修或更換。)

Devialet Care - Phantom II is an extended warranty for your Phantom II speaker.

All Devialet products come complete with a two-year manufacturer warranty. With Devialet Care, the warranty period is extended for an additional three years and covers repair or replacement in the event of workmanship, material, or design defects only.

問:為什麼要註冊 Devialet Care?
答:通過註冊 Devialet Care,您可以將保修期延長最多 5 年,為您的產品獲得絕對的安心。

問:我必須在購買產品的同時購買 Devialet Care 嗎?
答:從您購買 Devialet 產品的那一刻起,您最多有 30 天的時間訂閱及激活 Devialet Care。

問:如何激活我的 Devialet Care?
答: 一旦您收到您的代碼,請轉到您的Devialet帳戶以激活該服務。 只需點擊幾下,您就會受到保護。


Q:Why sign up for Devialet Care?
A:By signing up for Devialet Care, you will extend your manufacturer warranty for up to 5 years and get absolute peace of mind for yourself and your product.

Q: Do I have to purchase Devialet Care at the same time as my product?
A: You have up to 30 days to subscribe to Devialet Care from the moment you purchase your Devialet product.

Q:How do I activate my Devialet Care?
A:Devialet Care is entirely digital and easy to use, once you have received your code, go to your account to activate the service. With a few clicks, you are protected.

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