FeiyuTech Feiyu Pocket 2S

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Feiyu Pocket 2S

分體設計 實現超輕穿戴

百變穿戴 為所欲為
解放拍攝方式 盡情揮灑創意——不止於穿戴 也能手持拍攝

三軸雲台 穩動自如
把相機鏡頭和三軸無刷雲台融合,超強的圖像穩定性能,開啟穿戴新紀元 。

場景定制 專業而動

可吸可扣 隨時就位

五向搖桿 指哪拍哪

角度夠廣 眼前一亮

斷點續拍 直接成片
可在錄製中暫停 ,

智能玩法 一個不落

無線連接 隔空取景

物體追踪 智能轉動

A I美圖 一鍵優化

無線下載 及時分享


拓展夠多 功能夠全



Product module Feiyu Pocket 2S
Main Features ◆The split design achieve ultra-light wearing. Connect the handle and camera with a cable, convenient for monitoring.
◆Both handheld and wearable are available.
◆Magnetic base, sucked or buckled in one second.
◆130° Ultra wide-angle lens, comes with three viewing modes: super wide-angle, wide-angle, and narrow-angle, allows you to capture most of the beautiful scenery in the camera frame.
◆Three-axis mechanical gimbal keeps footage extremely stable.
◆Five-way joystick, which makes operation much easier.
◆Break point shooting, revolutionary filming efficiency.
◆Support HDMI output.
◆Intelligent functions, insanely fun.
◆Support for extended microphone to give you better recording quality.
◆Built-in loudspeaker, which provides great user-experience to you while playing back videos.
◆1/4 inch thread hole on the bottom allows you to adapt more accessories
◆Ultra HD 4K@60FPS resolution, up to 120M Max. bit rate , easily create real 4k video.
◆Sony 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor , and 1.62μm single pixel, powerful imaging unit.
◆4x Electronic zoom.
◆Large touch screen,easy to switch mode/set parameters.
◆3 hours long battery life, maximum support 512g memory card.
◆Built-in WiFi, remote monitoring/controlling is more convenient.
Dimensions 52.1 * 31.5 * 29.1mm/95.1*28.6*20.8mm(Under working condition)
Feiyu Pocket 2S Dimensions
Material of main body Aluminum Alloys,PC
Weight 179g (Built-in battery, not include other accessory)
Water-proof NO
Extension cord length 90cm
Display Screen 1.3 inch /IPS/240*240
Processor V39M
Wifi 2.4GHz,bandwidth:20MHz
Camera Sensor:1/2.5″CMOS
Effective pixels:8.51 million
Lens FOV:130°, aperture (F): 2.0
ISO Range:100~3200
Equivalent Focal Length:16mm
Electronic Shutter Speed:1/8000~16s
Max Image Size:3840*2160
Photo Formats:JPG/JPG+DNG
Photo modes:Single photo, panoramic photo, static delay, trajectory delay
Video resolution:
    4K 3840*2160@60/50/48/30/25/24fps     2.7K 2720*1520@60/50/48/30/25/24fps     1080P 1920*1080@120/60/50/48/30/25/24fps Video Formats:MOV、MP4
Video Recording Modes: Video, Timelapse, Slow Motion
Max.Video Bit rate: 4K@60 fps, Max. Bit rate is 120Mbps
Supported File Formats:FAT32、exFAT
Supported SD Cards:Micro SD,maximum support 512g memory card(recommended to use U3 and above high-speed cards)
Audio Output:48KHz, AAC
Battery Capacity:875mAh(Built-in Rechargeable Battery which is not removable, charge it through USB C port directly)
Category:Lithium Cell
Operating Temperature: 0°- 40°
Battery Life 180min(1080 30fps), 160min(4K 30fps)
Charging Time 1.2h(with 5V2A charger)
APP Feiyu Cam
Max Speed 180°/S
Controllable Range Tilt: -95° to +50°
Roll: ±45°
Pan: -220° to +40°
Angular Vibration Range ±0.005°
Insert MicroSD Card Insert MicroSD Card
An UHS -ⅠSpeed Grade 3 (U3) rating microSD card (equipped by user) is required.
Please format the microSD card with Feiyu Pocket 2S when insert it at the first time.

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