GoPro HERO5/6/7/8 Dual Battery Charger + Battery 雙電充電器




使用這款雙電池充電器可同時為兩塊GoPro電池充電,非常方便,讓GoPro擁有備用1220mAh鋰離子電池。可通過大多數USB端口充電。搭配使用選配GoPro Supercharger(國際雙端口充電器),可使充電速度提高38%1。雙LED燈顯示充電狀態。

  • 可同時為兩塊GoPro電池充電,十分便捷
  • 通過USB端口(充電速度加快),使用選配GoPro Supercharger(國際雙端口充電器)快速充電2
  • 雙LED指示燈顯示兩塊電池的充電狀態
  • 內含一塊備用的1220mAh鋰離子充電電池
  • 使用攝像機時,可為備用電池充電




Conveniently charge two GoPro batteries simultaneously with this Dual Battery Charger and spare 1220mAh lithium ion battery for your GoPro. It charges via most USB ports. For up to 38% faster charging,1 use it with the optional GoPro Supercharger (International Dual Port Charger). Dual LED indicator lights display the charging status.

  • Conveniently charges 2 GoPro batteries simultaneously
  • Charges via USB port; for faster charging, use with the optional GoPro Supercharger (International Dual Port Charger)2
  • Dual LED lights display charging status of both batteries
  • Includes a spare 1220mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Allows you to charge your spare batteries while you use your camera

Warning: Do not use the battery if it has been damaged. Follow all warnings and instructions in the camera User Manual.
Note: For compatibility with HERO5 Black and HERO (2018) cameras, a camera software update is required.
1Measured in 77°F room temperature. Charging performance may vary based on charging conditions.
2Sold separately.


Camera Compatibility

  • HERO8 Black
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO (2018)


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