GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip 磁吸旋轉夾



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將GoPro 夾在背包的背帶或裝置上,或者使用磁鐵將它固定在金屬表面上。360 度旋轉功能可助你保持水平,而且這款磁性旋轉夾可用作自拍、集體照或延時拍攝的絕佳支架。下次探險時就隨身帶上一個吧。

  • 輕鬆將GoPro 夾在背包的背帶、裝置等處,以拍攝獨特視角
  • 內置磁鐵可固定到電器或健身器材等金屬物體上,讓你方便、巧妙地擺放相機
  • 借助360 度旋轉,你可通過轉動攝像機來捕捉精彩瞬間
  • 緊湊設計,可方便裝進包裡,非常適合外出探險
  • 可用作自拍、集體照或延時拍攝的支架


Clip your GoPro to your backpack strap or gear, or use the magnet and stick it to metal surfaces. The 360-swivel feature helps you keep things level, and the clip makes a great kickstand for selfies, group pics or time lapse creations. Take one along on your next adventure.

  • Easily clip your GoPro to backpack strap, furniture and more to capture unique perspectives
  • Built-in magnet sticks to metal objects—like appliances or gym equipment—to give you clever, convenient camera placement
  • 360 swivel lets you turn the camera to frame the perfect shot
  • Compact design fits in your bag, perfect for on-the-go adventures
  • Works as a kickstand for selfies, group pics or time lapse shots

Compatible with ALL GOPRO Cameras

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