GoPro MAX Grip + Tripod 22吋延長桿+腳架



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Max Grip + 三腳架可助力拍攝整個場景。這款用途多樣的固定座專門設計用於拍攝360 度影像,無需在拍攝時使用手柄。它也適用於任何GoPro 攝像機。可用作攝像機手柄、延長桿或快速部署三腳架,以在拍攝過程中設置和調整拍攝角度。

  • 可用作攝像機手柄、延長桿或快速部署三腳架
  • 延伸範圍:23 至56 厘米
  • 輕輕一轉即可將延伸桿鎖定到位
  • 含磁性閉合功能的可折疊式腳架可用於任何平面
  • 專為360 度拍攝而設計,適用於所有GoPro 攝像機


Capture the entire scene with Max Grip + Tripod. This versatile mount was specially designed for shooting 360 footage without the grip in your shot. It also works great with any GoPro camera. Use it as a camera grip, extension pole or quick-deploy tripod for setting up and changing shots on the fly.

  • Can be used as a camera grip, extension pole or quick-deploy tripod
  • Extendable from 9 to 22in (23 to 56cm)
  • Extension pole locks into position with a simple twist
  • Foldout legs with magnetic closure can be used on any level surface
  • Designed for 360 capture, compatible with all GoPro cameras

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