Hyperice Venom 2 Leg 穿戴式熱能按摩裝置(膝頭/腿部)



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Heat. Massage. Bliss.

Hyperice 的 Venom 2 Leg 是市場上最先進的加熱按摩裝置。 Venom 2 Leg 採用 HyperHeat™ 技術設計,可實現一致、均勻的加熱,其加熱速度比標準加熱墊快 6 倍,可即時舒緩肌肉酸痛。

Fast. Hot. Relief.

一種加熱速度如此之快的設備,幾乎可以立即讓您的腿部感到放鬆。 Venom 2 Leg 的表面積比舊款大 2 倍,並採用我們新的 HyperHeat™ 技術,在治療區域提供更均勻和一致的熱量分佈。


The ultimate combination


Premium materials and design

Venom 2 Leg 具有煥然一新的用戶界面和舒適、輕便的氯丁橡膠壓縮帶,提供令人難以置信的性能、改進的貼合性和無與倫比的定制。長達 3 小時的電池續航時間,以及與 Hyperice 應用程序的藍牙連接以進行遠程控制,讓您可以輕鬆地在任何地方使用熱能按摩裝置。


Details and specifications

  • 三鍵控制(電源、加熱和振動)

  • 修身設計,易於佩戴和攜帶

  • 2 條帶子提供支撐和定制貼合腿部

重量 1.1 lbs
尺寸 38 x 14 x 2 in.
電池續航力 長達 3 小時
振動 3級振動頻率
HyperHeat™ 技術 Level 1, 113F (45C) / Level 2, 122F (50C) / Level 3, 131F (55C)
氯丁橡膠包裹 + 矽膠表面 根據您的喜好調整貼合度,使用後輕鬆清潔
藍牙Bluetooth® 通過藍牙® 連接到 Hyperice 應用程序以一次同步多個設備
TSA 批准 經 TSA 批准可隨身攜帶


Venom 2 Leg包裝隨附內容

Venom 2 Leg 實際設備
電源 保持您的設備充電並準備就緒
附加插頭適配器 (3) 隨時隨地為您的設備充電


Heat. Massage. Bliss.

The Venom 2 Leg by Hyperice is the most advanced heat and massage wrap on the market. Designed with HyperHeat™ technology for consistent, even heating, the Venom 2 Leg heats up 6x faster than a standard heating pad providing instant, soothing relief to sore muscles.

Fast. Hot. Relief.

A device that heats up so fast it will leave your leg feeling a sense of relief nearly instantly. Venom 2 Leg’s surface area is 2x larger than the original and features our new HyperHeat™ technology providing a more even and consistent distribution of heat across the treated area.


The ultimate combination

Three levels of heat paired with three distinct vibration patterns allow you to customize your soothing massage to best fit your need. This combination helps melt away stress and tension in your leg, alleviates any soreness, loosens muscle knots and allows you to maintain flexibility and range of motion throughout the day.

Premium materials and design

The Venom 2 Leg has a refreshed user interface and comfortable, lightweight neoprene wrap offering incredible performance, improved fit and unmatched customization. An extended 3-hour battery life, and Bluetooth® connectivity to the Hyperice App for remote control make it easy for you to wrap with warmth anywhere - like never before.


Details and specifications

  • 3-button control (power, heat and vibration)

  • Slim fit design for easy wear and portability

  • 2-straps for support and customized fit to leg

Weight 1.1 lbs
Size 38 x 14 x 2 in.
Battery life Up to 3 hours
Vibration 3 levels of vibration frequency
HyperHeat™ technology Level 1, 113F (45C) / Level 2, 122F (50C) / Level 3, 131F (55C)
Neoprene wrap + silicone surface Adjust the fit to your liking and clean easily after use
Bluetooth® Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App to sync multiple devices at once
TSA approved Approved by TSA for carry-on


What’s included with your Venom 2 Leg

Venom 2 Leg The actual device
Power supply To keep your device charged and ready to go
Additional plug adapters (3) To charge your device no matter where you are

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