Hyperice X Knee 冷熱按摩膝蓋系統



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Hot. Cold. Incredible.

先進的冷熱療法首次從精英更衣室來到您的手中。Hyperice X 冷熱按摩膝蓋系統可以根據你的需要提供冷熱對比治療。使用時無需接駁任何電線,你便可以根據你的需要保持恆定的溫度,或者按照設定的程序自動在冷熱之間切換,加快你恢復速度。現在您可以使用現今為止最熱門的恢復技術來恢復正常狀態。

Any temp


Any time

與傳統的冰敷和加熱墊不同,Hyperice X 可提供持久、持續的緩解,且溫度不會有任何變化。透過冷療法來緩解疼痛和炎症,或調高熱量來減輕緊張和疼痛。


Hyperice X 具有自適應貼合設計,可隨您自由移動。在家中或在旅途中享受全自動電動對比治療,無需任何準備,無需冰塊,也無需電線。

Details and specifications



3 條舒適的帶子可調整尺寸並固定到位

Hyperice X Specifications

重量 2磅
尺寸 34 x 28 x 2 in
電池用量 1.5 小時
溫度 60秒內冷熱療法切換
TSA approved 美國運輸安全管理局核准隨身攜帶
Bluetooth® 透過 Hyperice 應用程式進行連線控制


5 benefits of hot and cold therapy

Using heat or ice for soreness, pain, or injury isn’t new… but are we using them in tandem and as often as we should? Probably not.

01. Reduce inflammation

Alternating between hot and cold therapy contracts and dilates the blood vessels. This powerful effect promotes efficient circulation to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, joints, and tissues while reducing inflammation.

02. Accelerate healing

Contrast therapy supports the body's natural healing processes through enhanced blood flow and decreased swelling. This can lead to faster recovery, allowing you to get back to your normal activities much sooner.

03. Relieve your pain

The combination of hot and cold therapy provides effective pain relief. Cold therapy numbs the area and helps alleviate acute pain, while heat therapy relaxes muscles, increases flexibility, and eases chronic pain or stiffness.

04. Increases your range of motion

Contrast therapy can improve your range of motion by promoting muscle relaxation, reducing stiffness, and increasing flexibility. This is beneficial for both chronic conditions or acute injuries.

05. Enhanced performance and preventative maintenance

Using contrast therapy before exercise can warm up muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce the risk of injury. After your workout, it can aid in recovery and minimizing muscle soreness while working to prevent future injuries.


  • Hyperice X
  • 9V電源充電器及適配器

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