Lexar HL260 加密外置硬碟

折扣 HK$349.00

容量: 1TB
特價HK$650.00 正價HK$999.00



 快速存儲和訪問您與雷克沙內容隨時隨地® HL260加密移動硬盤。為了確保您的數據安全,它帶有FileDog密鑰和高級硬件加密解決方案。讀取速度高達130MB / s,寫入速度高達125MB / s 1。提供1TB和2TB容量。



 使用Lexar加密便攜式硬盤在任何地方快速存儲和訪問您的內容。該驅動器提供了硬件加密軟件,可通過File Dog Key來保護您的業務文檔安全。既時尚又緊湊的結構,適合在辦公室或路上使用,您可以輕鬆訪問,移動或備份所有喜歡的電影,音樂,照片和文件。









 所有Lexar產品設計都在Lexar Quality Labs中進行了廣泛的測試,這些實驗室配備了1100多種數字設備,以確保性能,質量,兼容性和可靠性。



Encrypted Portable Hard Drive

Quickly store and access your content anywhere with the Lexar® HL260 Encrypted Portable HDD. To keep your data secure, it comes with FileDog Keys and an advanced hardware encryption solution. With speeds up to 130MB/s read and 125MB/s write1. Available in 1TB and 2TB capacities.

Easy to use, portable and reliable

Quickly store and access your content anywhere with the Lexar Encrypted Portable HDD. This drive provides hardware encryption software that keeps your business documents safe and secure with the File Dog Key. Built sleek and compact for use in the office or on the road, you can easily access, move, or backup all your favorite movies, music, photos, and files.


Securely protect your files

Looking to protect personal information, financial records, or other sensitive files on the go? The HL260 Encrypted Portable HDD includes an SM4 security solution that keeps your data confidential and secure. To prevent unauthorized access, half of the drive is designated as encrypted storage, while the other half can be used for public use if shared by multiple people. Easily insert FileDog Key into your drive to access your encrypted data. And for peace of mind, files that are deleted from the safe are securely erased and can’t be recovered.


Sleek design and easy to carry

Showcase your discerning style with the sleek, premium finish of the HL260 Encrypted Portable HDD. Designed with an attractive leather case, this slim-sized drive is small enough to slip it in your pocket and go.

Rigorously tested

All Lexar product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 1,100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability.

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