Lexar SL100 Pro Portable SSD 外置固態硬碟

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容量: 1TB
特價HK$890.00 正價HK$1,110.00



有了 Lexar® Professional SL100Pro 行動固態硬碟,隨時隨地都能快速安全地儲存及存取內容。這款 SSD 不僅在設計上小巧精緻,採用高階髮絲紋鋁拋光工藝,而且效能出眾,讀取速度高達 1050MB/s,寫入速度高達 900MB/s1。容量為 500GB 和 1TB。

具備 USB 3.1 速度,輕鬆快速地共用和儲存資料

這款輕巧型的 SSD 可以在移動期間提供出色效能,以及高達 1050MB/s 的讀取速度和 900MB/s 的寫入速度。讓您可以輕鬆快速存取、轉移或備份您最喜愛的所有電影、音樂、照片和檔案。



SL100Pro 行動固態硬碟採用高階髮絲紋鋁拋光工藝,設計風格令人耳目一新。小巧超薄的外形讓您可以輕鬆地放入口袋,隨身攜帶。不同於傳統硬碟,SL100 Pro沒有任何活動零件,因此在抵抗極端溫度和震動影響方面有非常出色的表現2。它還包含一個 LED 狀態燈,以便您知道檔案傳輸是否已完成。


出門在外,需要加強對機密檔案的保護?SL100 Pro 是您的理想選擇,它內含一種採用 256 位元 AES 加密的進階安全解決方案的軟體,有助於您防止重要檔案被損壞、遺失或刪除。輕鬆建立有密碼保護的檔案庫。從儲存庫中刪除的檔案會被安全抹除,並且無法恢復,讓您高枕無憂。


所有 Lexar 產品設計都在 Lexar 品質實驗室內經過大量測試,該實驗室配備超過 1,100 多台數位設備,可確保效能、品質、相容性和可靠性。


With USB 3.1 speeds you can share and store – just like that

This sleek, compact SSD provides superior performance on the go, with eye-popping speeds of up to 950MB/s read and 900MB/s write. This makes it easy to quickly access, move, or backup all your favorite movies, music, photos, and files.

As stylish as it is durable

Flash your style with the brushed aluminum finish of the SL100 Pro Portable SSD. With its small, slim size, you can slip it in your pocket and go. And unlike traditional drives, it has no moving parts, so it provides exceptional resilience to harsh temperatures and vibration2. It also includes an LED activity light, so you know when your file transfer is done.

Rest assured knowing your files are secure

Feeling like you need more security for your sensitive files on the go? Look no further than the SL100 Pro SSD which includes an advanced security software solution with 256-bit AES encryption to help protect your essential files against corruption, loss, and deletion. Easily create a password-protected safe that automatically encrypts data. And for peace of mind, files that are deleted from the safe are securely erased and can’t be recovered.

Rigorously tested

All Lexar product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 1,100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability.

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