SMDV Speedbox-Flip 24G (with Grid and Speedlight Adaptor)





SMDV Speedbox-Flip24G with Grid and Speedlight Adaptor

Magic Starts With the Flip
World First Flippable Softbox

Set up and Collapse, complete in 1 second?!
It's a soft box that never existed!!

G Type
Grid Available!

Easy and Fast!
Edge Velcro system applied to reduce assembly time as much as possible!
Velcro is attached to the edge, and the grid is attached on that part.

About 0.46kg of lightness and thinness increase portability!

We introduce the portable SMDV Speedbox-Flip to photographers who use Speedlites, A1, V1 lights for outdoor or light shooting.

Size & Weight

Flip20: 440 x 130mm / Flip24: 525 x 130mm

Flip20: 0.42kgs / Flip24: 0.46kgs
*Body (Speedring + Softbox fabric) wegiht excluding the adaptor.

Model Diameter Depth Weight Length Thickness
250mm 0.42kg 440mm 130mm
290mm 0.46kg 525mm 130mm

*There may be some differences depending on the location or method of measuring.
*Body (Speedring + Softbox fabric) wegiht excluding the adaptor.

We recommend it to the people below.

  • Anyone who wants to reduce their luggage during outdoor shooting.
  • Anyone who prefers products that are easy to assemble due to narrow indoor photography.
  • Anyone who wants to shorten assembly time and shorten shooting time.
  • Anyone who prefers for easy-to-use products.
  • Speedlites, A1, A10, V1 lights users.


Speedlite, A1, V1 Light
Adapter support for three models

The light that's most easily accessible to photographera who just got interested in lighting is Speedlight.
Also, the light that can be selected lightly during outdoor shooting with lots of luggage is speed light.
To make it easy and fast to use for these speedlights, we wanted to create a combination of magnetic detachable adapters and diffusers that reflect soft light to provide convenience to our users.


Design for convenience 1.
1 second complete! Finished set up!

Set up and collapse for 1 second?
The world's first foldable soft box
that can be folded and opened without much effort!
Unlike traditional soft boxes, which used up a lot of power, anyone can set up and Collapse easily.

Design for convenience 2.
Angle Control Grip

Unlike traditional soft boxes that need to be loosened and re-tightened after angulation, the angulation grip is pressed by hand, changed to the desired angle, and secured.
*Forcing angle changes without pressing the angle grip can cause wear to the angle change joint.

Design for convenience 3.
Spigot Tightening Nut

The fear of losing the tightening screw is gone!
It is very convenient because it can be easily fixed in two steps: locking and opening.

that dosen't need to be packed separately

  • Waterproof Fabric
    It is made of a material with enhanced moisture and air resistance.
    This prevents the deformation of the fabric, allowing the light to pass evenly and extending the period of use.
  • Non-fluorescent Fabric
    Made of high-quality Non-fluorescent Fabric to prevent distortion of color.
    *Generally, the dye value of the blue is added to make the fabric more white, which distorts the color as light passes through.

mini-light adapter
When using mini flash, insert mini-light adaptor.
*Only available for S-adapter
*Basically, Included purchase of S-adapter

A1 adapter Compatible with Pro****A1, A10 Light

V1 adapter Compatible with Go***V1 Light

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