SMDV Speedbox-Flip 36G (with Grid and Profoto Adaptor)



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SMDV Speedbox-Flip 36G (with Grid and Profoto Adaptor)

Magic Starts With the Flip

What if you want a picture that feels like natural light?
It is essential to use a soft box that softly expresses light.

Speedbox Flip for strobe

Flippable Softbox
Speedbox Flip36 (90cm) / Speedbox Flip44 (110cm)


Speedbox-Flip (Strobe) Detail Size


Model Diameter Depth Weight Length Thickness
440mm 0.72kg 750mm 45mm
540mm 0.9kg 870mm 450mm

*There may be some differences depending on the location or method of measuring.
*Body (Speedring + Softbox fabric) weight excluding the adaptor.


What's the inconvenience of shooting outdoors?
Each piece of numerous equipment weighs quite a bit, which is physically burdensome, and it takes a lot of time to install lighting and softboxes and select locations.


So SMDV studied about it again and again.


Lightweight Softbox

Weight 720g including speedring?
Although aluminum material (speedring) can be used considering durability, the reason why it can maintain light weight is because of the production method developed by SMDV. (patent application)

    *Speedbox-Flip36's Weight
    Weight combined with speedring + rods +fabric + diffuser
    (excluding mount)


    One-Touch Assembly


    Open Softbox with One Touch System
    Spread out the half-folded speed ring and fit it, and it's done installing!
    (The rods, fabric, and speedring are shipped assembled.)


    Simple Mount Installation
    Push the Change Adapter button to the left and raise it.
    Insert the adapter and lock the semicircle ring to the lower. It's done!


    Flip type softbox

    Patent application completed with own technology development! A global Hit

    Diffuser Integrated
    All-in-one diffuser that you don't need to pack one by one

    • Waterproof Fabric
      It is made of a fabric with enhanced moisture permeation, which is waterproof and breathable.
      This prevents the deformation of the fabric and helps the light to pass evenly and increases the period of use.
    • Non-fluorescent Fabric
      Made of advanced intangible fabric to prevent color distortion.
      *Generally, blue dye values are added to make the fabric whiter, which causes color distortion when light passes.



    Easy Grid Attachment


    Easy and fast fit!
    The Edge line Velcro system selected to reduce assembly time as much as possible!
    Velcro is attached to the edge of the speedbox Flip and the grid is attached there.

    Fliptype softbox SPEEDBOX-FLIP!!
    Let's shorten the working hours!
    Let's see at SMDV!

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