Refund policy




  1. 當收取貨品時,請立即檢查所訂購之貨品及配件是否齊全或存有損毀及缺陷。若發現所訂購之產品出現問以上問題,請拍照紀錄有關問題,並於購買日後7天內與我們聯絡。Microworks會有專人為您跟進及安排退換。(*退換政策不適用於「Figure/公仔/人偶/景品」類產品,詳情請閱第9項)
  2. 當我們確認更換貨品,但所要求更換之貨品已經售罄,我們會以你購買商品時付款的方式退款給你。
  3. 如需要退款至您的信用卡或PAYPAL帳戶,退款時間需時大約7至30天,視乎發卡銀行而定。
  4. 更換之貨品必須連同完整包裝、配件、說明書及保用証一併退回。
  5. 更換或退貨並不包括因人為而損壞之貨品。
  6. 貨品必須與所有購買時所附送之贈品一併退還,否則我們將從退款中扣除該贈品的價值。
  7. 除了貨品在收貨時有損壞/有缺陷外,我們不接受改變心意而退貨的要求。
  8. 貼身衣物或襪子基於個人衛生及安全問題不能要求更換或退貨。
  9. 退換政策不適用於「Figure/公仔/人偶/景品」類產品。任何缺件/錯件/損壞或塗裝問題情況,貴客須自行向代理商申請換件/補件,審批均以該代理商既定程序及準則為依歸,審批結果將由代理商作最終決定。有關產品代理商聯絡資料方法,可聯絡本公司查詢。


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Return and Refund Policy

If the purchased product is damaged / defective, or is not the product that you ordered, you can contact our customer service center to apply for a replacement or refund within 7 days after receiving the product. Or send the wrong shipped product back to us at our expense. We’ll only count a return request as damaged / defective. The return policy and precautions are as follows:

While receiving the goods, please check the contents immediately. If you find the product you ordered has the above mentioned problems, please take a photo and contact us within 7 days after the purchase date. Our customer service team will follow up and arrange these issues. (*This return policy is not applicable to "Figure" series products).

When the replacement procedure is confirmed by us, but the related replacement product has been sold out, a refund arrangement will be made to you from the payment method that you purchased the product after we received the defective product.

If a refund is going through to your credit card or PAYPAL account, the refund processing time will take around 7 to 30 days, depending on the issuing bank.

The replacement product which claimed must be returned together with the complete package, accessories, manual and warranty card.

Physical damage of the goods cannot be claimed as replacement or return.

The goods must be returned together with all the gifts that came with the purchase, otherwise we will directly deduct the value of the gifts from the refund.

Change your mind about a purchase is not entitled to a refund or exchange.

Personal hygiene related items such as underwear; socks and clothing cannot be replaced or returned.

The return/refund policy is not applicable to "Figure" series products. For any missing/wrong/damaged/painting problem parts and/or items, you should apply for replacement/replacement approval from its distributor/supplier on your own. All these replacement requests and approvals are based on the distributor/supplier established procedures and criteria, and the final decision will be made by the distributor/supplier. Please contact us for the contact information of the distributor/supplier of the product.)

Can't find the answer you are looking for? Welcome to contact our customer service hotline at +852 2950 0348 during office hours or email to You can also ask for assistance on our Facebook/Instagram page.