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Enduro 電池(更長續航力 + 更大操作環境溫度範圍)

Enduro 具備革新的技術,能大幅強化 HERO11、HERO10 或 HERO9 Black 在低溫環境下的效能,同時將中等溫度下的攝錄時間延長最多 40%#。讓您在拍攝滑雪、雪板與其他更低溫的冬日環境時,擁有比以往更加充沛的電力。充電更快速,不浪費追逐冒險的分毫片刻。


  • 進階 1720mAh 鋰離子電池為相機提供比標準 GoPro 電池更高的效能, 以及更大的操作環境溫度範圍
  • 使用高效能設定,為 HERO11、HERO10 Black 和 HERO9 Black 延長攝錄時間, 提供比 HERO10 Black 高出最多 40% 的效能#
  • 大幅改善在寒冷天氣的效能,最低可在 -10°C 時使用
  • 比標準 GoPro 電池快最多 13% 的充電速度


  • HERO11 Black
  • HERO10 Black
  • HERO9 Black

備註 : #基於 HERO10 Black 在 25°C 環境下錄製 4K120 影片的測試結果。




Enduro Battery (Longer Lasting + Wide Temperature Range) 

Enduro features revolutionary technology that dramatically improves your HERO10 or HERO9 Black’s performance in cold temperatures, while also extending recording times by up to 40% in moderate temperatures#. It lets you power through ski, snowboard and other winter shots at lower temperatures than ever before. Faster charging also means less waiting and more time chasing your adventure.


  • Advanced 1720-mAh lithium-ion battery boosts camera performance over standard GoPro batteries across a wide temperature range
  • Increases recording time in both HERO10 Black and HERO9 Black with up to 40% improvement in HERO10 Black using high-performance settings#
  • Dramatically improves cold-weather performance in temperatures down to -10°C
  • Up to 13% faster charging rate than standard GoPro batteries


  • HERO10 Black
  • HERO9 Black

Remarks : #Result based on testing with HERO10 Black recording 4K120 video at a temperature of 25°C.

Warning : Don’t use the battery if it’s damaged. Follow all warnings and instructions in the camera user manual.

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