Anova Precision Cooker 3.0

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專業級享受 比以往更容易

第一部 Anova Precision® 煮食工具於 2014 年推出,開啟了一場嶄新的家庭烹飪變革,讓 Anova 家喻戶曉。我們的第三代旗艦慢煮棒有了相當重要的升級,包括雙頻 WiFi 和雙行顯示觸控屏。


我們將 Precision® Cooker 3.0 的功率升級到 1100 瓦,並使用雙頻 WiFi 來加強連接性。



通過您的智能設備進行遠程烹飪、瀏覽食譜和監控你的烹調進度。無論你是在為下一次雄心勃勃的周末大餐尋找靈感,還是只想做一頓簡單的周末晚餐,都可通過連接的 Anova 應用程序隨時隨地進行。


廚師多年來一直使用慢煮烹飪,現在你同樣可以做到。 Sous vide(發音為 sue-veed)是一種烹飪技術,它利用循環水浴中的高精度溫度控制,來提供一致的、邊到邊的完美效果,幾乎沒有過度烹飪食物的風險。











產品尺寸: 78mm W x 138mm D x 325mm H | 0.9kg
附加功能 可調節及拆卸夾具 | 可拆卸裙邊,便於清潔
感測器: 自動關機最低水位 : 65 mm
流速 8升/分鐘
溫度範圍 0˚-92˚C (32˚-197˚F) | 溫度精準度: +/- 0.1˚C (0.2˚F)
功率 1100 Watts
物料 塑膠和不鏽鋼 | IPX7 防水防飛濺
連接功能 雙頻WiFi 802.11 b/g/n | iOS 或 Android app
保用期 2 年保修




Pro level results, easier than ever.

The first Anova Precision® Cooker launched in 2014 and started a home-cooking revolution — making Anova a household name. This third generation of our flagship sous vide circulator adds key improvements including dual band WiFi and a two-line touch screen display.

What's different.

We upgraded the Precision® Cooker 3.0 to 1100 Watts of power and to use dual band WiFi for improved connectivity.

A two-line touch screen display allows you to quickly view time and temperature on the same screen and manually control your cook straight from the interface.

Browse and cook from anywhere.

Cook, browse recipes, and monitor your meals remotely via your mobile device. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next ambitious weekend meal, or just want to make an easy weeknight dinner — do it from anywhere via the connected Anova App.

What is Sous Vide?

Chefs have been doing it for years, and now you can too. Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a cooking technique that utilizes highly precise temperature control in a circulating bath of water to deliver consistent, edge-to-edge perfect results, with virtually no risk of overcooking your food.

Simple steps to the perfectly cooked meal.

Step 1

Attach to your own pot.

Step 2

Add your food in a sealed bag.

Step 3

Cook with the controls or the app.

Step 4

Sear to brown or add texture as desired.


Product Dimensions :

78mm W x 105mm D x 325mm H | 0.7kg

Additional Features :

Adjustable & detachable clamp | Removable skirt for easy cleaning
Sensors : Min - 65mm shut off water level sensors
Flow Rate : 8 Liters/min
Temperature : 0˚-92˚C (32˚-197˚F) | +/- 0.1˚C (0.2˚F) accuracy
Power : 1100 Watts

Materials :

Plastic and stainless steel | IPX7 water and splash resistant
Connectivity : Dual Band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n & Bluetooth BLE 4.2 | iOS and Android app
Warranty :
Industry-leading 2-year warranty

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