GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount

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GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount 鏤空頭盔固定帶

將您的 GoPro 安裝到鏤空的自行車頭盔、滑雪頭盔、皮划艇頭盔或其他頭盔上。可調的固定帶可以快速、輕鬆地固定攝像機。通用尺寸適合所有頭盔。

  • 可安裝到任何鏤空頭盔上
  • 可調節固定帶可以快速、輕鬆地固定攝像機
  • 通用尺寸適合所有頭盔

注意:當你使用帶有 GoPro 頭盔固定座的頭盔時,請務必選擇符合適用安全標準的頭盔。為了安全使用頭盔,請按照頭盔製造商的說明操作。

GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount 

Attach your GoPro to any vented bike, ski, kayak or similar sports helmet. The adjustable strap makes mounting the camera quick and easy. One size fits all helmets.

  • Attaches to any vented helmet
  • Adjustable strap makes for quick and easy mounting
  • One size fits all helmets

Note: Always select a helmet that meets the applicable safety standard when you use a helmet with a GoPro helmet mount. Always follow the helmet manufacturer's instructions on safe helmet use.

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